Frequently Asked Questions

We offer food truck (public and private events) and catering services (private events) to Carroll and Baltimore Counties in Maryland, and some surrounding areas.  
  *   Food truck service is what you see most often at public events. The truck will be set up to take orders, and food is prepared and packaged based on each individual order.  The length of time for preparation depends on each order, and we may pause or modulate new orders to ensure the kitchen can put out freshly-prepared items.
  *   The more traditional catering service may be either "drop and go" or with additional services (such as setup, service, and/or clean-up).  Food is delivered at the appropriate time and at serving temperature.
  *   We partner with local venues and providers for special events, such as wine- or beer-paired dinners.  These are usually plated/served meals that require advance ticket purchase, and include menu items that may later inspire a food truck item - or may be 1-time options that are only available at the event!

We look forward to seeing you at one of the various locations we visit that are open to the public - we love partnering with other local businesses! For these events, we are guests at the venue, so we ask that if you have any questions related to the location, to check out their website directly.
On particularly busy days, we may pause or modulate new orders to ensure the kitchen can put out freshly-prepared items.  All menu items are prepared to order, so there are times when new orders will exceed the capacity of the kitchen, and we need to give the team time to catch up.  Your patience is appreciated, please know that the team is working hard to provide you with a meal you will enjoy.

As each individual's dietary considerations are different, we ask that you speak with us at the window and we can provide you information on what we can do to accommodate your needs.  We do our best to offer diverse options, but we are a small kitchen, so much of our equipment is shared.  Once we understand your needs, we commit to being transparent with you about what we can or cannot safely accommodate, so you can make an informed decision prior to ordering.
Some general notes:
  *   Our menu each day includes options for our vegan, vegetarian, and/or gluten-friendly guests.  These items may sell out during the day, but we do our best to have them available.
  *   Our fryer and grill are used for meat and gluten-containing items.
  *   Our menu will occasionally include nuts or fish/seafood.  When they are in the kitchen, they are in contained packaging.  If you have nut or seafood allergies, please be sure to let us know when you order.
  *   Please note that for those with a high sensitivity to gluten, we may not have menu items that meet your needs.  We are not a gluten-free kitchen, and while we do our best to avoid cross-contamination, most of our equipment is used for multiple items, including gluten-containing ingredients.
All food items are prepared in a kitchen that may also use dairy, wheat, egg, seafood, or nut products. Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

We are happy to support private events, and can work with you on a format, menu, and pricing structure that works for you.  Our menu can be customized to your interests and dietary considerations.
Based on the needs of your event, we may suggest a food truck style service or more traditional catering option, such as a buffet.  For food truck events, we may require a minimum sales commitment, based on the cost to operate and staff the kitchen.
Contact us at to discuss your event and begin planning a menu.

Food truck service is great for open houses or other gatherings where guests are expected to arrive and/or eat staggered over a period of time, usually for 50+ guests.  This is why you often find us at public locations with service over several hours - so guests can order when they arrive, and the food is prepared to order.  

Catering service is best when it is expected that everyone will eat around the same time, such as showers, weddings, etc.  For catering service, we are equipped to support events for about 25-75 guests.